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 A theatre actor in Canada, then Seattle, and for 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.  From theatre to on-camera, and then on to becoming a voiceover.  15 years strong in the roller coaster of voiceover work. Love how I can record in pajamas and how my voice can roam the world. 


Having a home studio makes it easy to work with a tight schedule. Great with characters, dialects, warm and nurturing, authoritative, smile in the voice, always engaging and occasionally sassy. I am quick to respond and make sure your standards are met. 

Let me show you how easy working with a voiceover talent can be!


“Thirst of Night”-/Edgeworld”sizzle -Kabam

“Eve”-sizzle-CCP Games

“ The Life of Cells” - Life Technologies

Carcinoid Animation-RuderFinn


Radio/Television (representative)

B&H Camera-Furman Roth

Haven Hospice(mult.) - FF&T

Jason Pizzo for Assembly-Mitchell Worley Films

Ian Kalin for school board (mult.)-GoRockBridge

Univ. of Arizona Nursing School/Cascades of Tucson-LPG Inc

Northwood Realty (mult)-Applebox Studios

St. Charles Hospital-Slightly Mad Communications

Healthgov.org- Rafferty/Weiss

Sequels-Westview Digital and Design


Audiobooks/Documentary/Museum/Award Shows

“The Balancing”(Gena Tuttle)-Audible

“Cave Temples of Dunhuang”/Getty Museum

Harker House Museum-Barbara Arsenault

Burlington Mural- All-Pro Media

E-Bay- Beyond Pix

BAC Awards-Marcia Can

CSG Awards-Torchwerks


Training (representative)

Invisalign, Hulu, Home Depot, Zerto, Micropole, IDDE, ASOA, Novartis, Cornerstone Medical, Bio-Med, Cisco, Monster Cable, Telenav


Promo (representative)

JetRx, Davis Vision, Aramark, Astroglide, Squatty Potty, Burrtec, lease query,Dell Poweredge, Microfabrica, Re-bit, MobileIron, Hitachi, BC Hydro, SF State, Shopcom, Oregon’s Cattlemen Assoc., UC Merced, Fluor, ELCA

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